The Catalogue is where you can curate your own list of reusable Items and Work.

NOTE: Catalogue Items are not considered physical Inventory. They are an ordering list of things like tiles, hardware, fabric, templates for furniture, etc. Think of the Catalogue the place where you store ideas and Items to use for on future Projects.


  1. Copy existing Items/Work from the Items page (button above the Catalogue in left menu) to the Catalogue.
  2. Add New Items/Work directly to the Catalogue.
    • Each Item/Work can be copied to one or more Projects as many times as desireed.
    • Each Item/Work can be copied from one Project to another in the Items History.
    • An Item/Work that is Dropped is removed from the Project but kept in the Items History for reuse on another Project, if desired.
  3. NOTE: we can import your existing Items to the Catalogue if you have them in Excel or csv format. Please Contact Us to do so.
Click here to load this Caspio Cloud Database
Click here to load this Caspio Cloud Database