Brand Book: Suppliers


The Brand Book is a Product & Services list of suppliers, contractors, antique dealers, or any company working with interior design firms.

This is a new service and we will be accumulating listings over time. Feel free to contact your own interior design customers and and ask them to sign up for DesignerLogic.

Suppliers and Contractors can 'link' with interior designers (like LinkedIn or Facebook company pages) and fulfill quote reqests, accept and update purchase orders, and complete assigned tasks on projects.

Suppliers can also upload items to the Brand Book Catalogue, which will appear directly in the interior design project management app, enabling shopping and ordering directy from projects.

Here's how it works for a designer.

Link with suppliers in the Brand Book.

Requests quotes from suppliers in the Brand Book.

Send purchase orders to suppliers in the Brand Book.

Assign tasks to suppliers in the Brand Book.

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