Tips: Getting Started


DesignerLogic is Project-based. Projects have Items (Products and Services) on them and they are attached to Proposals, Invoices, and/or Purchase Orders in any combination.

Each Project has a Dashboard where you can see all of the transactions, tasks, and notifications for it.

Create the Project first, then add Items to it.

An 'Item' is essentially a Product or Service. It can be a physical item, a labor or delivery charge, or something like a flat design fee.


  1. Set up Company
    • On DesignerLogic's main page click Account menu (upper right) and go to Manage Account.
    • Upload a Logo for your company.
    • Adjust your Ship Address to display what you want for purchase order default ship to addresses.
    • Adjust your Print Footer to display what you want on printout footers.
  2. Set up Staff
    • On DesignerLogic's main page click Account menu (upper right) and go to Users.
    • Enter each Staff person who will be using DesignerLogic.
    • NOTE: if your Subscription doesn't allow enough Subscribers for all your staff you can change it in Manage Account where you uploaded a logo.
  3. Check Default Settings
    • On DesignerLogic's main page click Account menu (upper right) and go to Settings.
    • Edit your SalesCodes list. SalesCodes are categories for Items/Work.
    • Enter the Tax Rates for the locations of your projects. You can enter multiple tax rates.
    • Edit the Areas Default List. This list will populate each new Project (you can customize the Areas list for each particular Project after it is created).
    • Edit the Terms & Conditions for your Proposals, Invoices, and Purchase Orders.
  4. Naming Conventions
    • Decide how you want to name Projects (i.e. "Jack and Jill Smith House" for a client with a single project or "Vanguard Hotels: Downtown" and "Vanguard Hotels: Beach" for clients with multiple projects).
    • DesignerLogic will auto-number Proposals, Invoices, and Purchases Orders but if you have your own numbering system you can use that instead.
  5. Add Suppliers
    • Enter your Suppliers in the Suppliers section or as you create Items.
    • Contact Us to arrange uploading your Supplier list from an excel sheet (no charge).

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